What We Do

Rivers Rising

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Daylighting the stories of Toronto’s Lost Rivers; Daylighting past and present stories of Indigenous and newcomer communities in Toronto; Creating green communities, the blue green city, and social enterprises; Connecting with nature, with each other and with the past to create a sustainable future!

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Community Garden

Thriving with heritage flowers and vegetables, as well as native plants, it is a place to garden, learn, share and appreciate nature in the city.

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Great Garden Adventure

The GGA uses fun outdoor games, eco-crafts and activities to teach children about ecosystems, gardening and composting while increasing their knowledge of and connection to nature.

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Lost Rivers

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Lost Rivers leads countless walking tours of the waterways buried by urban development in Toronto, exploring our relationship to water in the city.

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Eco Gift Wrapping

Our Eco-Gift-Wrapping program uniquely raises awareness to help reduce the substantial waste produced during the holiday season.

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