Lost Rivers

Lost Rivers photoLost Rivers has mapped the streams and waterways buried by urban development. Since 1995, over 18,000 people have participated in Lost River Walks, which are a part of the Ontario Legacy Trail Program, a designation that recognizes the walks as one of the 24 best walking programs or trail systems in the province.  Lost Rivers was recently showcased in a Toronto Star article.

Lost Rivers reconnects people with the social and environmental history of the city, and the way that human and natural systems interact in their own backyards. It provides information about simple steps that anyone can take to conserve water, informs people of important current developments, and invites thought and creative action regarding our increasingly urbanized environment and lifestyles.

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walking thru park
The goal is to encourage creative approaches to solving the many environmental issues in our watersheds, from small steps like turning off the tap while brushing teeth to grander visions of “day-lighting” creeks that have been buried for a century and restoring the health of our entire watershed.
Lost Rivers leads approximately 45 walks per year with attendance reaching up to 150 at some walks. We also deliver custom walking tours and presentations for schools, companies and community groups. Walks are led by highly qualified, knowledgeable, long-standing Lost River program volunteers often in partnership with many other organizations and local groups.

We will show you the hidden treasures buried under our feet

buried mud creek in Toronto

We will take you into a fascinating journey through history and tease your imagination as you make the connection from tap to toilet.
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