Great Garden Adventure

The GGA uses fun outdoor games, eco-crafts and activities to teach children about ecosystems, gardening and composting while increasing their knowledge of and connection to nature. During The Great Garden Adventure children spend time together outdoors learning about and interacting with their natural environment and engaging in physical activity. Children plant in a garden, learning to identify plants and their functions, the basics of pollination, the life-cycle of insects, and the food web concept.

“A great opportunity for children to interact with each other and the environment” Florence Li, Program Coordinator

We have run the GGA at our Eglinton Park Community Garden since 2004, and have since brought it to many other locations across the city in collaboration with local community groups. Some recent examples are:

  • Eglinton Park Community Garden in partnership with People & Organizations in North Toronto
  • Ellen Giles Garden in partnership with U of T Family Residence
  • Emmett Park Community Garden in partnership with Community Action Resource Centre at Eglinton Flats
  • Peanut Multicultural Garden in partnership with Working Women’s Centre in Don Valley Village
  • Lotherton Community Garden in partnership with North York Community House in North York
  • Winchester Park Community Garden in partnership with Central Neighbourhood House in St Jamestown

The GGA provides children from diverse communities with the opportunity to gain vital knowledge about ecosystems and to learn how to grow their own food which will help address increasing food security issues and to build a better and more sustainable future in our city. TGC believes it is critical to make the youth of today aware of environmental issues to encourage them to become conscientious future citizens!

To find out more about the GGA or if you’re interested in hosting the program in your community, please contact Colette.