Toronto Green Community is proud to offer rain garden landscaping to homeowners in Toronto – register today for your property consultation with our expert team of RAINscapers.

RAINscapeTO is an urban stormwater program co-designed with Green Communities Canada to maximize neighbourhood action for blue-green infrastructure. Toronto Green Community will pilot RAINscapeTO in Toronto Basement Flooding Areas 37 and 40. Find out more about this attractive, economical option to increase infiltration, reduce stormwater pollution and prevent flooding. Designed to do more than collect stormwater, the RAINscapeTO social enterprise – through its visibility and community engagement – will demonstrate the applications of infiltration gardens in Toronto.

It will raise awareness of urban water quality, encourage the cultivation of permeable surfaces, and educate the public on the importance of water stewardship – whether it be for ecological concerns, or consumption. The RAINscapeTO project will result in improved surface water infiltration, playing a vital role in mitigating negative flooding impacts in areas prone to it – protecting property assets in our communities.

A unique initiative – created to safeguard your property today and our water resources for tomorrow in the city we love, created to result in sustainable commercialization of blue-green infrastructure. We are raising awareness of urban water quality, to encourage the cultivation of permeable surfaces, and educate the public on the importance of water stewardship – whether it be for ecological concerns, or consumption. 

For more information, visit our site: //rainscapeto.ca/