Cancellation of Walks & Notice to Recent Participants

*All Walks and Outreach Events are cancelled until further notice.

Lost Rivers has received a message that one of the participants in the Lost River Walk of Sunday, March 15, has developed minor fever-like symptoms.

This includes a slightly above normal temperature, head ache and body aches. So far, this walker has no respiratory symptoms and the condition is mild. The walker consciously practiced social distancing with others on the walk. However, we want to share this information with all participants so that all may take the precautions they feel are appropriate for themselves.

We are staying in touch with this person and will continue to update on this site if we hear more – whether the walker’s condition improves or deteriorates. At this point there has been no diagnosis of COVID-19 or otherwise.

More information from Canadian public health guidelines for COVID-19:
Click here.
If you have any COVID related questions or concerns about your health please contact Telehealth Ontario.  DO NOT go to the hospital or your doctor’s office.  Also please be aware that there may be quite a wait on the line.

TELEHEALTH ONTARIO 1-866-553-7205 

For information about COVID-19 Assessment Centres: