11th 7a*11d Festival – International Festival of Performance Art

Walk and talk with artist Elizabeth Chitty who collaborated with Lost Rivers to create Daylighting Walks and Daylighting

Daylighting Walks Starting from Geary Lane
Thursday October 13 6:30 pm | Saturday October 15 6:30 pm | Sunday October 16 4:00 pm

Walk with me. We are at the western edge of the watershed of a lost river, Garrison Creek. I will tell you something, then we will stroll through the neighbourhood for half an hour in silence. Perhaps we will hear water beneath our feet, on the surface of the concrete, in our bodies or the air. You can tell your thoughts to the microphone. (Audio files generated in the walks may be used in the performance, Daylighting.) Please bring only water in re-fillable bottles to these walks.

Friday October 21 7:30 pm

Shining light on the street surface and conjuring an image of the buried creek to the east, we will provide relief to what lives in the cracks. We will listen to one another thinking about water in the city. We will walk a straight line like the city’s grid, but you can choose to meander like water, which knows what to do.

Interdisciplinarity has been at the core of Elizabeth Chitty’s artistic practice for 41 years. Site, corporeality, temporality and attention to process thread through her work, which addresses being in a body, a place, with others. She creates performances and video and sound installations and lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

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